Thanksgiving Turkey Simulator

I decided to make a Twine game for Thanksgiving. Here is a screenshot from it:


It’s going to tell the story of a turkey on the eve of the first Thanksgiving. Basically, his girlfriend gets killed by pilgrims and he leads other turkeys on an all-out war against them, driving their Mayflower out into the ocean, where they all drown. American History is forever changed.

I wanted to sort of invert the story of Thanksgiving as a positive thing, but I didn’t want to write something serious. This story gets a little sexual, a lot violent, and a bit blasphemous.

Your main antagonist is Miles Standish.

Miles was a pilgrim who fought a war against some local Native Americans. He was a bastard, and once, he called a truce and met with two Native American leaders for peace talks. When the leaders arrived, he locked the doors and stabbed them both to death. The local population fled after this, and relations with the pilgrims didn’t get better until, well, ever.


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